Against The Gods Wikia

Soul Searching Technique[]

One could invade another person’s mind using their spiritual power, and forcefully plunder the memories within their soul. It could only work on a person whose spiritual power was far weaker than the user’s, or on a target in a spiritually weak condition. Once the target seized the opportunity to retaliate against the technique, the consequences the user would face were too dreadful to contemplate.

Profound Handle[]

Star God’s Broken Shadow[]

Sky Wolf Slash[]

Frozen Cloud Wall[]

Overlord’s Fury[]

Phoenix Break[]

Heaven Scorching Burning Fire[]

Star Scorching Demon Lotus[]

Burning Heaven Flame, Pyretic Hell[]

Burning Heaven Domain[]

Burning Sea Print[]

Burning God Print[]

Burning Mountain Print[]

Burning Heaven Print[]

Burning Heaven Clan’s insurmountable profound skill and requires an Emperor Profound Realm’s profound strength to cast.

Piercing Sun Blade[]

Rainbow Slicing Blade[]

Extreme Wind Domain[]