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Xiao Clan's Armament Sect specialized in forging and producing various kinds of firearms. Even though the profound strength of the Armament Sect’s disciples were generally very low, each and every one of them hid various kinds of terrifying firearms on their entire bodies. Even same sect disciples over an great realm above in strength wouldn’t dare to offend them.


Heaven Decimating Orb[]

In terms of power to a single point, it even surpassed the Heaven Decimating Bomb. It instantly minces a dozen Sky Profound practitioners and practitioners half a step into Emperor Profound Realm. It also scatters poisonous smoke after it explodes. Once the poison meets blood, it would quickly invade one’s body, and cause the victim to die from the poison’s activation in a few breaths of time. If breathed in, the poison would similarly show effect very quickly. Sky Profound practitioners die within the poisonous gas it released after exploding. Even a Emperor Profound practitioner wouldn’t have much of a chance to survive.

The released poison is refined using Burning Vein Grass, Thousand Vermin Flower, Midnight Skeleton Vine, Demon Weep Bloodwoven Flower, the venom of Acute Venom Snake, and Thunderfire Toad’s toad poison.

Bits: 23

Heaven Decimating Bomb[]

Poison Fire Rod[]

Sky Tremor Bomb[]

Thunder Tremor Cracker[]