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Xiao Ying was called the number one genius of Floating Cloud City. At the age of seventeen, he broke into the Nascent Profound Realm. At twenty, he reached the 5th level of the Nascent Profound Realm. At twenty three he broke through the Nascent Profound Realm and entered the True Profound Realm. He became the Xiao Clan’s pride, as well as Xiao Lie’s pride and joy. Almost everybody believed that when Xiao Ying became middle-aged, he would be the best candidate qualified to inherit the leadership of the Xiao Clan.

Unfortunately, there was an assassination attempt on Xiao Ying’s life only a month after Xiao Che was born. A few days before that, Xiao Ying also saved the life of Xia clan’s daughter. After this rescue, Xiao Ying only could fend off the assassins with half his usual strength and drew his final breath. His wife’s heart broke in grief for the loss of her love and went to meet him soon after.