Against The Gods Wikia

Xiao Yulong was the son of the leader of the Xiao clan, Xiao Yunhai.


A twenty year old young man of medium build. He was as handsome as he was elegant. His eyes were crystal clear on top of a refreshing face and he wore a bright smile.


On the surface he is one who was kind and polite to everyone. In reality he is sneaky, arrogant, bootlicker for better positions.



At the age of twenty, regardless of his appearance, his talent, use of speech and wisdom was at the top of the younger generation in the Xiao clan. His profound strength had reached the third level of the Nascent Profound Realm at the moment. He is his father, Xiao Yunhai’s, pride and joy and is also the future hope of the Xiao clan. The clan had high expectations for him because he would become the next leader if no accidents should occur.

Yun Che's reincarnation to Xiao Che[]

He planned to poison Xiao Che because he didn't want Yun Che to marry Xia Qingyue his dream and most wanted girl. So he bought the poison and made Xiao Yang handle it.