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Appearance and Personality[]

The protagonist of ATG, he was born with crippled veins, but thanks to many incredible encounters, is able to heal himself and rise to the top of the profound arts world.

Before Yun Che's death on Azure Cloud Continent[]

Black hair, black eye


Before Yun Che's death on Azure Cloud Continent[]

Yun Che did not know who his parents were for when his teacher found him, it seemed like he was only a few days old, he had only a silver pendant on him what was always with him. It was deep in the spring time when his teacher picked up Yun Che. He named the child Yun Che, in hope his heart would be as pure as clouds and as clear as water; so that when he grows up, he will inherit his craft as a healer to rescue the dying and cure the injured with a heart void of corruption. His Teacher taught all his medical skills to Yun Che thoroughly. His Teacher has the Sky Poison Pearl hidden in his body. When words of his Sky Poison Pearl was spread. He gave it to Yun Che and told him to escape. Shortly afterwards, he died at the hands of the major sects. The root of hatred was firmly planted inside Yun Che's heart and he no longer practiced in the medical but instead he absorbed poison from the pearl. After seven years he mastered the poison and bared the fangs of revenge. In less than ten days the poison spread not only thousands of miles, killing countless people, but also panic and horror throughout the Azure Cloud Continent. It attracted the strong and mighty for they were fascinated by this treasure. This started the hunt of Yun Che in order to obtain the Sky Poison Pearl. With the Sky Poison Pearl in his body, Yun Che learned about all the poisons present in the entire world and it could be said that there is no poison he was not familiar with. He could identify a poison’s name and effect with just a whiff. At the same time, because the Sky Poison Pearl, he was impervious. He could not be hurt by any poison, no matter how toxic it was.

Before his jump to death Yun Che threw the Sky Poison Pearl in his mouth. He then pushed the pearl down his throat and it instantly rushed straight into his stomach. The Sky Poison Pearl entered his body, but the poison didn’t spread out in his body and kill him.

Yun Che's reincarnation to Xiao Che[]

After he jumped off Cloud’s End cliff shortly after his consciousness awakened and had the memories of his two lifetime. He woke up in his bed. He was the only grandson of the fifth Elder in the Xiao clan — Xiao Che! He had just turned sixteen. He was dead by a poison named Murdering Heart Powder before he reincarnated. Others didn't know he was poisoned, he suddenly collapsed so he was in bed. There was a circular green imprint on his left palm, the Sky Poison Pearl.

His profound power was still at level one in the elementary profound realm. He started training his spirit power when he was seven and half, entered Elementary Profound level one at the age of eight, and then didn’t improve for an entire eight years. Xiao Che was born with damaged profound veins. The damage was so severe that it was almost impossible to recover from. In this state, Xiao Che would stagnate at first level of the Elementary Profound Realm, and could never improve further no matter how hard he worked.

The day when he reincarnated was the wedding day between him and Xia Qingyue and that was the reason why he was poisoned by one of his own clan members because of jealousy. Xia Qingyue was not marrying him because she sincerely loved him. It was because  his and her father's agreement. Yun Che's father, Xiao Xing, saved her when she was little.


Xia Qingyue

Xiao Lingxi